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Arrival and Dismissal

Bus Riders
Students must live more than one mile from the school in order to qualify for bus transportation.

Kids Central (SAC)
This is the before and after school daycare offered by the school district. Enrollment and cost information is available at the Grace Early Childhood building. Their phone number is 816-348-1514.

Parent Pick-Up 
These students will be dismissed from the Library doors. A Parent Pick-Up tag must be shown with your student's name on it before they will be released. 
Please note: TWO parent pick-up tags will be distributed per family. Replacement tags will cost $5.00. A one-day temporary tag will be available in the front office in case of an emergency. You will only be allowed to get a temporary tag two times. After that, you will be asked to purchase another permanent tag. 

South Door Walkers
Students will be escorted out the south door of the building and will then be escorted across the crosswalk to the church parking lot AFTER the buses are gone.

North Door Walkers 
These students will be dismissed from the front door of the school. They should either be walking to meet their parent at the baseball parking lot or walking to their home/sitter on their own. Parents will not be allowed to wait on school property for their student. 

Car Rider 
These students will be escorted out the front door by a teacher and will wait in the car line for their parent to drive through the valet line and pick them up. A car rider valet sign with the student's name must be displayed in the front window of the vehicle.

Creative World Bus 
These students will be escorted out the front door by a teacher and will wait in the car line for the Creative World Bus. 

District Transportation Information

Do you have questions about our bus provider or what bus your child will ride? See our transportation page on the district website for more information.


Transportation Changes

District policy states all transportation changes must be submitted to the school office in writing. A written note or e-mail will be accepted. All changes must be received in the office by 2:30 p.m.